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    The Whole Body Box


    This box comes with everything you need to start your organic journey or to help you continue on the path. Each month the box will change. This month I wanted to feature the 3 body products that are the most toxic to our bodies if we aren’t using organic. The food products in this month’s box help fuel the body, relieve nausea and are just good to snack on! Hope you enjoy!

    See description for what’s included in this month’s box.

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    The Restore & Revive Stick


    The Restore & Revive Stick is very soothing and provides instant relief on bites, scratches, eczema, and cold sores. It was a huge hit this summer on mosquito bites – it seems as though I passed down to my daughters the uncanny ability to attract this yucky insects!

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    The Rose Collection


    Your senses are in for a treat with the Rose Collection. Organic rose petals are stem distilled to make a lovely and refreshing body spray. Frankincense and Rose essential oils added to Rosehip Seed oil make for a luxurious facial serum with anti-aging capabilities good for all skin types. Or, treat yourself to a good soak in a tub full of the aroma of floating rose petals, and Epsom and Himalayan salts known for their abilities to ease muscle tension and remove toxins. Finish up the day with the Magnesium Oil Body Lotion which helps restore magnesium levels in your body while you sleep.


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