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    The Whole Body Box


    This box comes with everything you need to start your organic journey or to help you continue on the path. Each month the box will change. This month I wanted to feature the 3 body products that are the most toxic to our bodies if we aren’t using organic. The food products in this month’s box help fuel the body, relieve nausea and are just good to snack on! Hope you enjoy!

    See description for what’s included in this month’s box.

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    Ginger Mint Green Tea


    Produced from organically grown ginger, this tea provides a refreshing tingle that awakens the senses and fills the soul. This tea is perfect cold or hot. Great to drink when feeling nauseous and the whole family will enjoy its flavor! This is a loose leaf tea.

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    Bare Ginger


    Picked early in the season while the ginger rhizomes are mild and soft, Bare Ginger delivers a warm, tropical sensation. Bare Ginger combines early season texture with the aromatic, peppery flavors of Galangal (Thai Ginger) in this favorite treat.

    Enjoy this Bare Ginger sprinkled on a summer salad, steeped in tea or simply snack on it for the soothing benefits and pleasure of this world class ginger.


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