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    Organic Rosewater Spray (2 oz)


    Organic Rosewater Spray is made by steam distilling organic rose petals. The process is time-consuming but ensures a high quality, fragrant end product. Rosewater spray has anti-inflammatory properties, maintains the skin’s natural pH balance, absorbs excess oil, and cools and tones the skin. It’s perfect to carry around on a hot summer day or spray on after a flight. I’ve also found it to be a mood lifter on a particularly grueling day.

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    The Whole Body Box


    This box comes with everything you need to start your organic journey or to help you continue on the path. Each month the box will change. This month I wanted to feature the 3 body products that are the most toxic to our bodies if we aren’t using organic. The food products in this month’s box help fuel the body, relieve nausea and are just good to snack on! Hope you enjoy!

    See description for what’s included in this month’s box.

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