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  • taspens-package

    Body Care Package


    Ideal for the new addition to the family or just for you, this package has the essentials to ease stuffy noses and congested chests, to quickly heal cuts and scratches or taking the sting out of a mosquito bite, and helps take the guess work out of choosing the safest shampoo or body wash. Take care of your body with only the purest, most natural ingredients. Using only the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils which are known for their healing powers, these products will not disappoint! Try one or all three.

  • rose-collection

    The Rose Collection Gift Basket


    This gift basket includes all four products from the Rose collection – Rosewater Body Spray, Facial Serum, Magnesium Oil Body Lotion and Bath Salts.

  • breathe-easy-oil

    The Breathe Easy Oil


    The Breathe Easy Oil has been a lifesaver in our family. It is a powerful and rare blend of essential oils that help to assist in the body’s innate ability to reduce the effects of congestion and lung discomfort as well as boost the body’s immune system. Roll it on the chest, temples, bridge of the nose for relief from congestion.


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