I’ve enjoyed reading friends’ posts for the New Year. But I’ve really enjoyed reading the word or phrase that they want to define them this year. The problem is, I’ve tried, really tried, to narrow it down to just one word or phrase but I can’t. Too many words are going through my head.

The truth is this year is going to be a changing point in my life. After nine years of being a stay-at-home mom, I’m going back to school to become a midwife. Eek! I’m embarking on a new journey, starting a new chapter, I don’t know, maybe even a new book of my life. I’m excited and nervous and anxious and ready.

I can’t choose just one word and I finally decided that’s okay. Today, I sat down and wrote these words:

Passion, Truth, Fearless, Brave, Rebel, Realize, and Never Stop Dreaming.

Life will look a lot different this time next year and I’m ready for it. Bye, bye 2017. Hello 2018!


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